Lessons From My First Cycling Tour!

On Sunday, March 26th I did my first cycling tour ever! In this post I’ll share my experience and hopefully help someone new to know what to expect 🙂

I participated in the 80 km tour of the omloop van zandvoort in the Netherlands. It was really fun and exhausting and I made some mistakes that I’ll avoid next year.


I only learned about the event after the official online registration was closed. Luckily they opened late, on-site registration.

Lesson 0: Register online and do it early. Late registration might not always be available

After I reached the event starting point, Continue reading

How To Get Away With Anosmia

Milk, deodorant, listerine, a sock and a T shirt. All inside a washing machine

You’ve probably read that wrong, I’m not talking about Insomnia here (trouble sleeping), I’m talking about Anosmia which is:

Anosmia is the medical term for loss of the sense of smell. It’s usually caused by a nasal condition or brain injury, but some people are born without a sense of smell (congenital anosmia).

I’m Anosmic and from what I know, I was born with it, I have no idea what a smell is or how it makes you feel (try describing color to a blind person).

I live a normal life (mostly) and honestly most people around me have no idea about me having this condition. I doubt my father even knows about this (get your children checked people, they wouldn’t know this about themselves) ^^’ !

I have no idea what I’m missing!

For my entire life, whenever someone brings up a smell (whether good or bad) I simply fool them with a simple vague reply and life goes on. I’m really surprised how easy it is to not get caught 😐

Last month I was with a friend at a convention center, he told me that the public toilets smell is awful and I asked him “Really?” he said “Yes” without even wondering about my weird response. In other cases when someone wants me to smell a flower or a perfume I take a fake sniff and say “Nice” and that’s it!.

I wish I could simply say “Hey! I cannot smell at all!” but I worry about receiving sympathy or making a drama scene or making the person talking to me feel awkward.

Sometimes I refuse to smell things just to avoid faking it.

So, in this post, I’ll list a few of my daily life challenges. Let’s go! Continue reading

Hiking With Strangers

Tree on a hiking trail

A while ago I decided to go for a hike through meetup.com

The reason I wanted to do that is to first: try walking a long distance and second: I wanted to try interacting with people from outside of my inner circle.

On average, things went OK. Below I’ll list things that could have been better. After revising what I wrote in this article I realize that anyone involved would be able to identify me if by some random chance they got to read this post 😀 anyway, perhaps this can clear some misunderstandings :P…

Awkward Car Ride

God I miss driving 😦 ! , I don’t currently have a car so I was had to secure a seat in another hiker’s car in order to get to the hiking starting point. Another hiker also did the same and we shared the ride for over an hour.

So there I was with two strangers in a car and they both happened to be from Eastern Europe (unlike me, I’m from the Middle East) which meant they had a lot of common things to talk about.

I simply sat in the back listening and contributing to the conversation at very rate occasions. Continue reading